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Dysfunction at its Finest

February 22, 2013

Having dealt with the debt ceiling and the fiscal cliff, the politicians in Washington are now entangled in negotiations over the sequester, attempting to disarm the spending cut explosive they primed this past summer. The negotiations are tilted strongly towards spending cuts instead of tax increases. This is stupid – cuts in government spending have been a drag on the economy since the expiration of the stimulus and we have no short-term debt crisis – but that’s not the point I’d like to make.

No, the point I’d like to make is: this is a horrible way to run a government. Dysfunctional and frankly embarrassing, to the point that I can’t bring myself to pay any attention to it. Congress and Obama enacted delayed drastic spending cuts in order to force themselves to make better cuts in the future. Why not just enact the better policy in the first place? Who knows, but it reflects the debt madness that flooded into D.C. after the Tea Party wave and continues despite the resounding rebuke that madness was handed at the ballot box in November. Washington operates with a deficient logic.

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