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While I Was Away

December 10, 2012


A busy summer and fall, along with the inanity of the presidential election, have kept me from posting here for a while – about six months, to be exact. With more free time in the coming months, I plan to write here more often. First, though, let’s look back at what’s happened while I was away:

  • Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States.
  • Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, causing billions of dollars worth of damage and bringing New York City to a halt.
  • The Democrats won a two-thirds majority in both houses of the California Legislature.
  • Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative Prop. 30 passed while Prop. 34, which would have abolished the death penalty in California, failed narrowly, with 48% voting yes.
  • U.S. politicians, primarily Republicans, continued to ignore the present unemployment and infrastructure crises threatening the country. Instead, much attention has been given to a hypothetical future debt crisis, despite the directly contradictory evidence of persistent low rates on U.S. bonds.
  • Conflict and upheaval continued throughout much of the Middle East, including a long-running civil war in Syria, a short conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza, and burgeoning uprisings in Egypt.
  • The Giants won the World Series.
  • The NFL continued to take baby steps to addressing the (perhaps irresolvable) problem of concussions and brain trauma in football.

Looking ahead, I’ll be following what Democrats do with their supermajority in the California Legislature, how Congress and the President resolve the fiscal cliff-Bush tax cuts dilemma, and whether the world ends on December 21st.

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