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Reiteration Is Apparently Necessary

May 19, 2011

Yesterday, Democrats defeated a measure proposed by Republicans in the Senate to expand off-shore drilling and reduce the ability of oversight agencies to fully consider permit applications. This, supposedly, would help reduce the price of gasoline. The only problem with that is that, well, it won’t, or maybe it’ll raise prices in a decade or two. The process of permitting, exploration, establishment of wells and refining takes a long time. In the long run, there is no way to keep oil prices down. No matter how much we drill, the expanding economies of India and China will continue to increase demand and thus prices. This was true during the 2008 campaign, when Sarah Palin wanted to drill, baby, drill and it’s still true today. Republicans, it seems, are in need of a reminder. All that aside, with the 11 people killed and catastrophic environmental damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, you would think that Republicans might abandon their obsession with offshore drilling, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.

So, with Democrats still in control of the Senate, maybe this isn’t something to be too worried about. Just know that when Republicans say they tried to lower gas prices by increasing offshore drilling, they’re full of it.

(Tasty tidbit of great policy-making: the bill would have required that any permit not approved or denied within 60 days be automatically approved. Sounds like a great idea to me.)

Ed. note: Since I’m done with my first year of law school now, I thought I’d start posting again. No promises in terms of regularity, however.

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