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The Island Formerly Known As Ceylon

July 19, 2010

In Sinhalese, Sri Lanka means ‘resplendent isle.’ I just spent a week there and it is indeed a beautiful place. A civil war between the Sinhalese-dominated government and Tamil separatists (as the NY Times refers to the groups involved) was recently concluded and the island could soon see a big rise in tourism (and the NY Times may have something to do with it). Some pictures:

Elephants at the Minneriya National Park...

...including an incredibly cute babe (hiding in the picture).

Incidentally, this fascinating/horrifying page came up when I searched ‘elephants’ on Wikipedia.

Waiting for the dentist (preferably a plump one).

Apparently, if you're bit by this guy, you will get a really bad infection.

Lion Rock

This is Sigiriya – Lion Rock in Sinhalese. For a short time there was a royal palace here. A hike will get you to the top, where the view is amazing:

Of particular interest is the patch of swamp.

Taking pictures with your back to a Buddha statue (i.e. posing) is prohibited.

Feline yoga.

A Buddhist stupa.

A Hindu temple, from the bus.

Monkey beneath a gilded ceiling.

Naturally indecisive.

Now, Bangkok and Phuket.

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