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The Flora of South Carolina

June 10, 2010

Carolina jessamine.

On Tuesday, a essentially unknown candidate Alvin Greene won Democratic Senate primary in South Carolina. The history of his campaign raised suspicion for more than a few reasons. When he submitted the filing fee to the Democratic Party offices, he first submitted a personal check for the $10,400 fee. When he was informed that the check needed to come from a campaign account, he left and returned a few hours later with a check from a campaign account. He has said the check came from his personal funds, although he is unemployed. He also has an outstanding felony for showing pornography to college students. And he didn’t campaign at all, or spend any money on campaigning.

South Carolina Democratic Representative and House Majority Whip has said that he believes that Greene and two other Democratic candidates – both in House races, one successful – are plants. That is, that they were supported by some group whose goal was to weaken the Democratic party. Keith Olbermann interviewed Alvin Greene today, which I wanted to post just because it’s so damn weird. It was painful to watch and it seems pretty clear that he did not run a campaign. Really, I feel sorry for the guy more than anything else.

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