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Californians Against Barbarity

May 24, 2010

The one element I forgot in that last post is that a majority of Californians support tax increases to fund CalWORKs, along with many of the other programs that have been most hard hit by recent cuts. Some numbers from a recent poll by PPIC:

  • 42% of Californians support closing the budget gap through a mix of taxes and cuts in addition to 7% who would like to close the gap mostly through tax increases compared to 39% who support closing the gap mostly through spending cuts.
  • 69% of Californians support tax increases to spare K-12 from cuts; 54% would support increases to fund both higher education and health and human services, of which CalWORKs is a part.
  • More generally, 67% of Californians support raising taxes on upper-income families and 58% support raising corporate taxes.

In part because of the dysfunction caused by California’s irrational budget process, Californians don’t trust their government very much. In the same poll, the Legislature was found to have a 16% approval rating. Nonetheless, they support increased taxes in order to maintain a functioning public safety net. The Governor should listen. It would probably increase his approval rating (23% in the poll).

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