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Medium Read: “My Country, Tis of Me”

May 21, 2010

Michael Kinsley writes a great short article on the Tea Party. Some of his points:

  • “The press…is eager to prove its lack of elitism and left-wing bias by treating the Tea Party activists with respect. Journalists also sincerely appreciate having something new to write or talk about. It is in their interest to keep this story going.”
  • “If the Tea Party Patriots ever developed a coherent platform or agenda, they would lose half their supporters.”
  • “The Tea Party movement is by, for, and about middle-aged and old people.”
  • “To the TPPs, all of our problems are the fault of the government, and the government is a great “other,” a hideous monster over which we have no control. It spends our money and runs up vast deficits for mysterious reasons all its own. At bottom, this is a suspicion not of government but of democracy. After all, who elected this monster?”

I’ll refrain from posting the entire piece. It’s well worth a read.

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