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Tea Partiers Rally To Fill SF Parking Coffers (Or Take Government-Run Transit)

April 28, 2010

(Via InsideTheBayArea) The Pleasanton/NorCal TEA Party will be rallying this weekend in San Francisco. Their purpose: to boycott San Francisco. Now, though they have said they will bring their own food and water, how are they going to get to the City by the Bay? Seems no matter how they get there they’ll be paying dough to the city they’re trying. They’ll pay parking fees if they drive and public transportation is socialist (obvi!). The boycott is in response to SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s semi-boycott of Arizona. All these boycotts are, at least for now, more political posturing (see: Facebook for AG). My intuition (a.k.a gut) says they’ll come to slightly less than nothing.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the Tea Partiers didn’t through some astoundingly inflammatory rhetoric into their event announcement:

This is how civil wars start.

Really? So they’re the rebels and San Francisco is the North? They’re fighting for slavery and San Francisco will be shot in Ford Theater a few years down the road? And then, in a hundred years, we get a truly equitable single-payer system?

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