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Jerry Jarvis?

March 10, 2010

The Jerry Brown sent out a newsletter yesterday following up the “announcement” of his candidacy for governor last week which included a link to George Skelton’s column from last week “The Parable of Jerry Jarvis,” which describes Jerry Brown’s conversion to a “born-again tax-cutter,” a description the campaign is apparently very happy with (or else they wouldn’t send it out). Also, in his announcement video, Jerry Brown said he would not raise taxes unless they were approved by voters at the ballot box.

Politically, this makes a lot of sense. Without a opponent in the Democratic primary, Brown is free to spend all spring and summer tacking towards the center. Unfortunately, the expediency of this approach precludes Democrats from having the important debates that should be had about progressive priorities and reinforces the Republican framing that taxes should never, ever be raised, even if it means the disintegration of the things that made California an engine of prosperity in the past. Hopefully, if he is elected, Brown will then find the courage to fight for the common good.

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