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Caro Cerro Santa Lucía

February 12, 2010

A view from Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago de Chile

Caro Cerro Santa Lucía
Caro Cerro Santa Lucía
How defeated you seem now
With your worn and crumbling steps
Stone surrendered to soles
And all the paths marked with pleading signs
Warning, it seems, of avalanche
Sadly and belatedly admitting your transience
Your diminished place in the center of Santiago

How eroded you seem
Now that the building tops look down on you
And the heaven, gray and brown
Barely bleeding blue
The rain has been happily
Dragging away your purpose
Ever since the conquistadores slept on your side
Now little more than a jumbled canvas
Cactuses covered with calligraphy
Te amo, Soledad

You must have been hospitable once
With full moats and straight lines
But now your dead ends make you too generous
Too encouraging to guests that
Unwillingly overstay their welcome
I cannot stay
There is no solace beneath the helicopters
You are a defective labyrinth
Easily exited, excitable
And no terror in your heart

You took my name when I entered
And I’d like it back

Forgive me for being brief, harsh
I was rushing south
I do understand tectonics
And I know you’ll rise again

Written late October 2009.

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