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Medium Reads: “The Case for ‘Gray Power'”

February 2, 2010

In a piece from The Nation titled “The Case for ‘Gray Power’“, Lisa Margonelli of the New America Foundation’s Energy Policy Institute writes about gray power’s potential to reduce carbon emissions in the South and Midwest, gray power being electricity generated by steam, gas and heat that would otherwise be wasted. Since the South and Midwest don’t have enough wind or sun to produce wind or solar energy, harnessing the waste energy from their manufacturing sector provides a much-needed way to reduce the regions’ emissions. In order to implement this vision, Margonelli proposes a Clean Power Authority, which she describes as a descendant of the Tennessee Valley Authority, that would encourage factory owners and others who have the opportunity to adopt the gray power technologies.

Although this energy isn’t ultimately green, gray power looks like a great bridge technology as we build a carbonless economy.

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