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In Which I Encourage The Reader to Go to

February 2, 2010

From Grist, Dave Roberts gets the scoop on some significant green news and adds meaningful context, as he so often does, in this case regarding Recurrent Energy. The solar company has just signed a 50MW deal with Southern California Edison which will come from small-scale installations in Kern and San Bernadino counties. Roberts on why this deal is especially significant:

In other words, Recurrent is selling distributed solar power, but in quantities that matter, at a price that’s competitive. That bodes well for the future of distributed energy (about which, regular readers know, I am very geeked).

Roberts, being geeked on distributed energy as he is, goes on to list all the advantages of distributed energy, which ultimately boils down to flexibility. Go read the whole post, as it’s not that long and it’s Grist that deserves the traffic.

I have, however, another reason to be excited about this: Recurrent Energy was one of the companies I chose to feature in Next 10’s December Green Jobs Report, titled “Many Shades of Green,” which you can download here (PDF). If you Recurrent sounds familiar, it’s probably because they’re also doing a project on the San Francisco Reservoir.

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