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My Presumptions Regarding The Consequences of Yesterday

January 20, 2010

I would like to congratulate Senator-Elect Scott Brown and the Republican Party’s Senate Caucus. They can now claim to represent almost 115 million Americans (if each senator is allocated half the population of their states – population data from Wikipedia and That’s almost 37% of the country and only 82 million less people than their Democratic counterparts!

Congressional Democrats, however, shouldn’t be despondent. Considering that Brown supported Massachusetts’ universal healthcare program as a state senator, he will presumably vote for the plan currently passing through Congress as it has been modeled on the very system that he voted into place in 2006, though, of course, a few tweaks may be necessary. If Brown proves to be inclined against voting to extend health coverage to some of the 45 million uninsured Americans, House Democrats will presumably vote through the Senate bill without amendments, even though it is a poorer bill than the one they passed, to make sure that we as a country at least begin to tackle the healthcare issue. It would be, essentially, political suicide for a Democrat who previously voted for the reform bill to not vote for it now:

DEM. INCUMBENT: “I didn’t vote for it the second time! Don’t you see? I got the message!”

REP. CHALLENGER: “I’m a Republican. I don’t need any messages to get me to vote against progress!”

So, presumably, the House will pass the Senate bill before President Obama’s State of the Union speech next week and Congress can move on to addressing unemployment.

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