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Guantánamo: Prison For Guys Who Like to Pose For Funny Pictures

January 12, 2010

Détente, you might say.

A friend pointed me to this uplifting article about a two former captives at Guantánamo, Shafiq Rasul and Rahul Ahmed, and one of their former guards Brandon Neely. Mr. Neely’s time at Guantánamo “now haunts him” and his guilt compelled him to apologize for his actions while at the prison as well as to reach out to his former wards. Read the whole article to find out how the wonderful picture above came to be arranged.

The more important thing to take from this, I believe, is the implicit reminder that many of the supposed terrorists that are detained indefinitely at Guantánamo are in fact, well, guys who like to take funny pictures. Dahlia Lithwick digs further at Slate.

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