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Hasta Luego, Patagonia

November 26, 2009

The sun sets on my time at the park.

This morning, I bid farewell to the other volunteers (whose number had increased to six) and the personel at the park (though several were unfortuantely absent on a trip to Argentina), having spent exactly a month on the park. While I had significant reservations about the experience after my first two weeks, the past 10 days were much closer to what I expected. We spent that time taking down fences, a task that leaves you exhausted and content at the end of the day. While working on the fence, we sepnt a few nights a puesto near the Rio Chacabuco. We cooked good meals, played Spoons, and once again began to succumb to cabin fever. Fortunately, we left the morning after we gave the trash can a name so it could be our pet and decided that the Belgian volunteer Jakob was the Devil. We also took down a few miles of fence.

Imperfect incentives: each yard disassembled was another yard to be walked back to the puesto.

During those last days, the many mountain ranges near the park finally abandonded their cloudy shawls and we were treated to three unexpectedly hot days along with views that were previously unseen. There has been talk of an opening celebration when the park is complted and handed over to the Chilean government, a party to which all the former volunteers will be invited. I plan on attending.

Expanded perspective.

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  1. Lisa Franke permalink
    November 26, 2009 10:30 pm

    You are a wonderful writer.


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