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Valle Chacabuco By Horse

November 13, 2009

Two days ago, we took a break from working to take a ride around the park on horseback. Led by Don Betancourt, we set off down the road towards Argentina.


Single file.

My horse was a very calm bay, so calm in fact that I named him Tranquilo – many of the horses don’t have names – although at other times I called him Lento.


The view from what would be my standard position for the day.

We trod the main road for about two hours then ate lunch at the site of what once was a puesto (now taken down) before heading down a deteriorating dirt road that led to the Rio Chacabuco.


Off the not-so-beaten path.

We dipped down into the river valley and followed it west a ways to get back to the Estancia. Though it started to rain as we came within view of the stable, it was a magnificent day.

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  1. Lisa Franke permalink
    November 26, 2009 10:25 pm

    How incredible! The view is never ending and breath taking! I hope you did a lot of dreaming!

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