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I Wouldn’t Mind Hearing From Him Myself

October 28, 2009

City Insider published a post yesterday titled “Gavin Newsom Wants to Hear From Jerry Brown” reporting on his Marin town hall earlier this week. Newsom is taking a lot of strong, progressive positions:

He’s big on a constitutional convention, an oil severance tax and raising the tobacco tax. He thinks term limits and Prop. 13 need to be reconsidered, and that the vehicle license fee needs to be reinstated.

“I think you’re being so short-shrifted I can’t even tell you,” Newsom said. “I don’t know where he stands on nine out of 10 issues. At least you know where I stand.”
Newsom is completely correct here. Unless Brown actually isn’t running for governor (incredibly unlikely), California Democrats deserve to hear his positions. Is he going to be the pre-1978 progressive Jerry Brown or the post-1978 flat-taxer Jerry Brown? We have too many problems in California right now to waste our time with political evasion. Those who are willing to assert themselves to improve our state should be the ones to lead.
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