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As So Vigorously Announced, Repair California Submits Its Ballot Measures

October 28, 2009

Ending days of suspense, Repair California submitted their dual ballot measures (available on the website) to allow the calling of a constitutional convention and to do the calling. I was pleasantly surprised that a bit more than half of the delegates will be chosen by random selection, the method least affected by politics and most likely to produce a truly representative convention. The other half will be selected by the previous-mentioned method, with county officials appointing delegates proportional to their county.

In terms of scope, the convention would not be allowed to address social issues – immigration, gay marriage, the death penalty – nor would it be allowed to address anything related to taxes, i.e. Prop. 13, which strikes me as ridiculous. The two-thirds requirement to raise taxes is an inherently anti-democratic mechanism that creates an institutional inclination towards cutting services that won’t abate until we’re a Third World country. If there was one thing that I’d like to change about our constitution, that would be it – so that aspect of the measures is distinctly disappointing.

I don’t have as much time as I’d like to go over the measures, so here’s Calitics’ take. Now, according to the website, the race to 1.4 million signatures begins!

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