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Sendak’s Wilderness

October 18, 2009

I just saw Where The Wild Things Are. It’s about loneliness, independence, responsibility, security and childhood. It gets at the tension between our expectations for ourselves and our expectations of others, put otherwise, the conflict between society’s rigidity and our individuality’s curved contours. It’s about how love is, even at its most simple, incredibly complex and difficult. It’s about the power and limitations of imagination. If I had to put it into a sentence, I would write something about expecting more of ourselves in our efforts to understand others. Or maybe it’s that when we forget our inner child (to use the cliché) we lose the ability to handle our adult challenges. You see it and tell me.

Beyond its mature handling of the questions above, the movie is also beautifully filmed, with amazing landscapes in wonderful colors, and has a great soundtrack by Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Plus, it was written in part by one of my favorite authors Dave Eggers and it may be saying something about wilderness, which could eventually turn into a blogpost for me. All in all, I certainly recommend it, though not, in fact, for kids.

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