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Newsom On The ConCon Bandwagon

October 13, 2009

Since I wrote my earlier post about Gavin Newsom’s new Internet ad, I’ve learned a bit more about Newsom’s position on a hypothetical constitutional convention and, just as I hoped, Newsom is embracing that possibility wholeheartedly. He has an op-ed up on HuffPost today and has created a forum on his social networking site for supporters to discuss the details of what they would like to see in a constitutional convention. His vision hews pretty close to California Forward’s outline: repeal the two-thirds requirement for the budget but not taxes; decentralization by returning more power to counties and localities; a rainy day fund; a multi-year budget cycle; term-limit reform; and initiative reform.

Check out the site to learn more. Currently, he’s asking leading questions instead of declaring his views but this is absolutely a step in the right direction. We’ll see what happens when he starts getting more specific, if he does.

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