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Newsom Challenges Brown to Debates

September 30, 2009

Gavin Newsom has challenged Jerry Brown to 11 debates, says a press release from the Newsom campaign:

Mayor Newsom faxed a letter to the Brown campaign with a list of
suggested ground rules. The memo suggests 11 debates in total—one in
each media market in California. Ten debates would focus on one
specific issue each, while the final debate would be open to all
relevant issues.

I’d love to see these debates but, based on Brown’s behavior so far during his “campaign,” I doubt he’ll agree to do 11, maybe more like three, if any. There’s no sign he’ll stop playing to protect his lead and agreeing to a bunch of unscripted events would be the exact opposite of lead-protection. The Brown campaign’s response was typical, saying that Brown isn’t a declared candidate so he can’t agree to any debates. That’s the proactive spirit that California needs.

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