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September 29, 2009

Rasumussen released a new poll yesterday on the CA gubernatorial race and things do not look good for SF Mayor Gavin Newsom. He trailed every potential Republican candidate by about 5 points while non-candidate AG Jerry Brown lead every Republican by around 10 points.

I’m personally leaning towards Newsom at the moment so this isn’t exactly good news for me, although Brown’s sizable lead is comforting, given our current governor. I saw Newsom and Brown as well as GOPers Steve Poizner and Tom Campbell at an event put on by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group two weeks ago and, while Brown seemed inattentive and spoke in vague political clichés about getting past the deadlock and just making things work, Newsom was much more engaged and brought up specific examples of what he wanted to do as governor (although he did wax lyrical at a few points). Brown seems content to run a prevent defense campaign and California cannot afford a prevent defense governor.

Obviously, it’s early – very early – but every poll that comes out like this hurts Newsom’s fundraising capability and makes Brown seem more like a sure thing. Of course, what’s a sure thing these days?


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