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A Perfect Day for Wind Power

September 29, 2009

It’s been an abnormally blustery day in the Bay Area, the perfect atmosphere for Mayor Newsom’s Urban Wind Power Task Force to release its year-in-the-making report. And by release I mean have a news conference about it without actually making it available (or, at least, easily findable).

According to SFGate, the report suggests the construction of demonstration sites at city landmarks such as Twin Peaks, Treasure Island and Ocean Beach to show the idea’s viability and educate citizens. Additionally, the report calls for the development of a city wind map that would show which places are more advantageous for wind power as well as the adjustment of city ordinances including permitting and zoning in order to encourage landowners to build turbines.

For a less sunny but still generally cloud-free take on the report, there’s Rebecca Bowe at the SF Bay Guardian. The essence of her take:

An eventual goal of 50 megawatts in wind power out of the city’s 950-megawatt electricity use is no radical overhaul, but on the whole, the goal of establishing small urban wind projects is laudable. Trouble is, the silence regarding how this renewable-energy initiative could fit into the framework of Clean Power SF, the city’s fledgling CCA program, is deafening. The only thing that cries out louder than that glaring omission is the inclusion of Pacific Gas & Electric Company on the Urban Wind Power Task Force list of technical advisory members.

The whole thing is worth reading, if only for an example of how context-averse the Chronicle can be at times.

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